Why Antique Brass

Reasons to antique brass:


Brand new brass has a gold shiny appearance. Over time, as it ages, and with constant use, it takes on a dark patina. Exposure to the environment produces a green patina. The process of accelerating the aging process to give brass a vintage look is called darkening, oxidation, patinizing, or antiquing.


Many brass items lend themselves to antiquing. Jewelry can be made to look Victorian. Vintage jewelry has become attractive as people give more value to antique pieces. Brass candle holders, door knobs, and other brass fixtures can be given an elegant character, made to appear to be heirloom pieces. If you are into crafts that have brass accents, you can you can get rid of that shiny brass look and give an aged brass appearance to your piece.


This site gives several techniques on how to antique brass to achieve character and elegance. These are simple and quick techniques anyone can do at home. In minutes to hours you can give brass a decades old antique appearance. Most of the supplies you may already have at home or are easily obtainable.


You want to know how to age brass? You have come to the right place. Look around and see what beauty you can achieve with your brass pieces.

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