How to store antique brass

Antique brass or newly antiqued brass has to be stored in a climate controlled fashion to prevent further changes to the patina. There is a fine line between a beautiful patina and dark unsightly tarnish.

Once a piece is tarnished to your liking, you need to store it in a fashion such as to protect the patina from further changes. Maintaining a low, even humidity environment for the antiqued brass is key. A stable temperature is also important. Thin brass coatings can crack as the metal expands and contracts.

The best place to keep the brass is in an area of the home that is in use, where temperature and humidity fluctuations are kept to a minimum. A basement area is not ideal due the potential for high humidity and temperature fluctuations.

Keeping the brass wrapped in acid free paper will further protect the metal. Newspapers are not ideal as the acid in the ink and leave behind areas of tarnish. Another ideal cover are bags made from anti-tarnish cloth made for storing silver.

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